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Server Info!
Welcome to the official MC Paintball Planet website! MC Paintball Planet is a free, non-whitelist server for all to join. No need for an application!* Just get on the server and have some fun! If it's your first time on the server, be sure to go to /warp help for any help first-timers will need.

ALL INFO WILL CHANGE AS SOON AS I PORTFORWARD! Check back here often to get the most up to date server info.

Server Info
Hamachi: GingerNinja Paintball Server
Password: 12345
The hamachi networks fill fast, so if one is full, try the next one. (Ex. If GingerNinja Paintball Server is full, try GingerNinja Paintball Server 2. If that's full, try GingerNinja Paintball Server 3, etc.)

*The application is for Commander position, for lower positions no application is needed.
GingerNinjaPrsn / Apr 14, 2012
If the server is ever whitelisted, that means we are undergoing matinence. I'm having a major plugin issue (The plugin is major to the server, GuestGuard, but not a major problem-I think), so that's a good example of a server whitelisting occasion. Stay tuned for more info on matinence!
(I don't know when the matinence will be done, check back for up to date info!)
EDIT: Please don't ask to be whitelisted, the whitelist WILL BE TURNED OFF after server release, during non-matinence. (If I'm not fixing something, the whitelist will be off. As of 4-22-12, it is off. Thank you.