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Forum Exploded!

GingerNinjaPrsn / Apr 12, 2012
Today, the forum thread exploded. I have 5 new staff members, just today. I don't need any more, so I am no longer in need of builders aswell. I released the ip because it was leaked, so there was no point in keeping it hidden. On the five current arenas we have, you can have bow and arrow battles. I'm also building a mini-golf course. I'm so excited that there's so much interest in the server! More info coming soon, stay tuned. Remember to visit the site every day to get the most up-to-date news about MC Paintball Planet!
EDIT: Because of the sudden spike in intrest, the site isn't really ready. Only a few theings need to be fixed/updated, so hang with me. If you see something that needs to be updated/fixed, message me. Thanks!


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