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Why the Server Is Whitelisted

GingerNinjaPrsn / Apr 14, 2012
If the server is ever whitelisted, that means we are undergoing matinence. I'm having a major plugin issue (The plugin is major to the server, GuestGuard, but not a major problem-I think), so that's a good example of a server whitelisting occasion. Stay tuned for more info on matinence!
(I don't know when the matinence will be done, check back for up to date info!)
EDIT: Please don't ask to be whitelisted, the whitelist WILL BE TURNED OFF after server release, during non-matinence. (If I'm not fixing something, the whitelist will be off. As of 4-22-12, it is off. Thank you.


hello please can i go to whitelist . my dream is play at server with paintball.thank
hi can i ho on whutelist too i am from germany but i see this server and i would play paintball on it ;)

LG wolke
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